Release Notes

Come for the App, stay for the updates!

Version 4.2

  • (new) New PDF reader, rebuilt from scratch and with full support of the iPhone X and up. Now includes the same table of content and bookmarks mechanism as the ePub / MOBI reader. Also includes a two pages mode and a bird’s eye view of all the pages
  • (new) New icon. We hope you’ll love it.
  • (new) Localizations: French and German localizations are now available.

  • (better) More steps are now available in the reader slider to allow for finer movements in the book
  • (better) A refresh button is now available in the library screen. This does the same thing as the usual « pull to refresh » gesture but is more discoverable for new users.
  • (better) Audio reader: the continuous play setting is not honored anymore when the device is locked. It was too unreliable. To listen to the next chapter, just unlock your phone and the reading should continue.
  • (better) Faster cloud search

  • (fixed) Cloud search results were not shown when coming back from detailed view
  • (fixed) Multiple rare crashes

Version 4.1

  • (new) OPDS catalogs: import ebooks in your library by browsing predefined OPDS catalogs or by adding your own. Please, do not hesitate to let us know if a publicly accessible catalog could not be used. We’ll do our best to make them usable in a future release.
  • (new) Import from Calibre: add an OPDS entry pointing to your Calibre content server and you’ll be able to browse your library and import your ebooks
  • (new) In the reader, tapping the progress indicator will make the calculation change from chapter % to total ebook %
  • (new) A new reader setting lets you add labels to the progress indicator (chapter or ebook) for more clarity
  • (new) A message in your library now tells you when you have reached the 50 ebooks limit for non premium users

  • (fixed) Resuming reading of the last read book from the library view did not work
  • (fixed) The already read part of the reader slider was sometimes not visible
  • (fixed) The bookmark sign was sometimes not set when restoring a bookmark
  • (fixed) Bookmarks had sometimes to be deleted twice
  • (fixed) Fixed a bug that could prevent the unlocking of the unlimited library feature when going premium
  • (fixed) Fixed a bug that prevented the conversion of a file to another format although the user was premium

Version 4.0


  • - Manually import multiple ebooks at the same time
  • - Protect access to your library with TouchID / FaceID
  • - Sticky filters: added a setting to preserve your library filters between launches of the app
  • - One tap access to the reading list from the library screen
  • - Add to reading list / star an ebook by swiping left on it in list view
  • - See ebook details directly from library view with 3D Touch (on supported devices)
  • - Much more faster and reliable import of large already synced libraries
  • - Fixed several bugs impacting the syncing of custom ebook properties between devices


  • - Totally rewritten reader for increased performance and reliability
  • - Vertical scrolling option (selectable in the main settings screen)
  • - Select and copy text with a long press (finally!)
  • - Zoom images with a double tap
  • - Redesigned single-page reader settings screen
  • - Highlight snippets of text in your books
  • - Notes: add notes to your highlighted snippets
  • - Use a slider to move freely into the ebook even in streaming mode

Audio reader

  • - Redesigned, more modern screen
  • - The audio session is now started only when you want to read your ebook (meaning that you can listen to your music in background when you’re not using the audio reader)
  • - Optional continuous play between chapters
  • - Go back / forward 30 seconds
  • - Multiple reading speeds
  • - The book cover art is now shown on lock screen
  • - Better lock screen commands
  • - Position syncing between the audio reader and the text reader

Speed reader

  • - Redesigned, more modern screen
  • - Optional continuous play between chapters
  • - Position syncing between the speed reader and the text reader


  • - iOS 12 support
  • - New 2018 iPhones support (XS, XS Max, …)
  • - New redesigned accounts screen
  • - New redesigned settings screen

Version 3.3

Borrow ebooks from other users

  • (new) Borrow ebooks from other users : Search for the title of the book you want to read in the « ☁ Cloud » part of the library search. If it’s available in the library of another user, you’ll be able to borrow it for free for 1 month
    The books listed in your « Reading List » cannot be borrowed by other users since you probably want to read them soon.
    If you don’t wish to allow other users to borrow your ebooks at all, use the new setting « Allow loaning books »
  • (new) iPhone X support

  • (changed) Faster loading of your ebooks when linking an existing account

  • (fixed) Fixed a bug that affected wrong genres and series to ebook
  • (fixed) Fixed a bug that created a gap between your books list and the search field
  • (fixed) Fixed a bug that prevented the disconnection of a cloud account in some rare circonstances

Version 3.2

  • (new) Speed Reading: train yourself to read faster with this new way of reading your ebooks. Choose the number of words per minute you want to read and see them fly just in front of your eyes ! This feature is a premium feature that is part of the « All functionalities » in-app purchase. You can try it for free for 30 seconds at a time.
  • (new) Online documentation: You can read it at directly or use a pinch gesture in any screen in the app to be taken to the relevant paragraph without leaving the app.
  • (new) Preliminary iPad Pro 10"5 support.

  • (changed) App Store review prompt now allows you to rate the app without leaving it.

  • (fixed) In the « Read Aloud » reader, the « span » tags are now correctly removed
  • (fixed) Increased timeout for fetching a huge library during the initial sync of a new device
  • (fixed) the ebooks from « Standard Ebooks » should be correctly parsed now
  • (fixed) the pagination of an ebook was sometimes messed up by the background processing of this ebook

Version 3.1

This new version is aimed at helping you manage your ebooks library more efficiently.

  • (new) Convert ebooks between file formats: convert your files to ePub, MOBI or PDF files. Once converted, the app will offer you to open the new file in any compatible app present on your device. This feature is a premium feature that is part of the « All functionalities » in-app purchase.
  • (new) Edit the language of an ebook (important for the "Read-Aloud" feature)
  • (new) Edit the genre(s) of an ebook
  • (new) Edit the serie(s) of an ebook
  • (new) The genres and series are now exposed in the detailed view of an ebook
  • (new) Starring ebook: tap the star icon in the ebook details view to easily find your favorite ebooks
  • (new) Filter your library by star status

  • (fixed) Page numbers in streamed ebooks were broken since version 3, sorry about that.
  • (fixed) Multiple infrequent crashers
  • (fixed) The ebook cover was sometimes « bleeding » on the book title in the detailed view page.

Version 3.0

Librairie is now FREE to use for libraries up to 10 ebooks.
If you have bought the app *before* the version 3.0 all functionalities are free for you. Just make sure to have run any version since 2.7 before launching version 3.0.

  • (new) PDF support: add to your library and read your PDF ebooks (*)
  • (new) Edit your ebooks metadata: cover image, title, author and description can now be customized.
  • (new) Cover search UI inside the app: tap the cover image in the edit screen, navigate to an image file in the browser and tap the « select image » button
  • (new) Filter library by file format
  • (new) You now see how much ebooks are in the queue to be imported before yours

  • (modified) Word definition in reader by double-tapping a word
  • (modified) Brand new backend infrastructure that should allow us to iterate much more rapidly

  • (fixed) Multiple crashing bugs, much improved overall stability
  • (fixed) Positioning bug of the refresh progress view

(*) : Given that most PDFs stored in cloud accounts are not ebooks we chose to not synchronize them automatically with Dropbox/GDrive/OneDrive accounts. PDF files have to be uploaded manually through the import function of the library. Let us know what you think of this choice at

Version 2.9.2

Due to changes in the Dropbox and Google Drive APIs you need to update to this version to continue using the sync functionality with these file lockers.

  • (modified) Migration to Dropbox API V2
  • (modified) Migration to Google Signin V4

  • (fixed) Multiple small bug fixes

Version 2.9

  • (new) Goto page: for downloaded ebooks, you can now easily goto any page by using the slider at the bottom of the reader
  • (new) Previous chapter, start at the last page: A setting has been added to choose if you want to go at the first or the last page when changing chapter by going back in a book. Only possible with downloaded ebooks.

  • (modified) Pagination: for downloaded ebooks, the pagination is now computed very reliably.
  • (modified) Table of content links should be completely reliable now.
  • (modified) Links in ebook descriptions are now tappable and send you to Safari

  • (fixed) Could not import ebooks from another app (sorry about that !)
  • (fixed) « pre » tags where sometimes not correctly rendered
  • (fixed) Several crashers have been corrected
  • (fixed) Corrected layout on logging screen
  • (fixed) When the network connection was lost while streaming an ebook, the reader could incorrectly say that the book was finished

Version 2.8

  • (new) Dark Mode: go to the settings screen to enable a UI wide dark theme
  • (new) Read Aloud: let the app read your ebooks to you with Text To Speech, even works in background mode (please, let us know what you think of this functionality to help us decide how to evolve it in future releases)
  • (new) Import ebook from other apps: use the Share Sheet to import ebook files in Librairie
  • (new) San Francisco font available in the reader

  • (modified) Slightly redesigned library view

  • (fixed) A few crashes have been crushed
  • (fixed) Using the table of content sometimes sent you to the wrong chapter
  • (fixed) Rendering engine ignored text in « nav » and « header » tags