Privacy Policy

Librairie and your data

We (CUBESOFT SARL) are not interested your data. We're interested in selling you premium features of the app or (if you're not interested) in showing you basic advertising.
That is to say that we'll never sell any of your data to any third-party. Under no circumstances.
We do need however to collect a certain amount of data to operate the app.

Identifiable data

  • IP address: the address with which you access the service is logged by our web servers. This address is only used in case we need to ban someone not respecting our terms of service
  • If you've linked a cloud storage account to library: we do store the name and/or (depending on the cloud storage provider) email associated with this account to help you recognize the said account. This data is not used in any other way, shape or form

Anonymous data

Librairie is a server based service. We do need to store the following data to operate the service:

  • The ebook files you imported in the app, for syncing and streaming purpose
  • The bookmarks you created in your ebooks, for syncing purpose
  • The custom metadata (cover art, description ...) you applied to your ebooks in app, for syncing purpose
  • Access tokens to your linked cloud storage accounts
Please note that this data is anonymous but may potentialy be indirectly linked to you by the identifiable data we store (see above).


If you use the app while logged into iCloud, we'll copy there an identifier that will allow us to recognize you when you're using the app on another device. This identifier is not personaly identifiable.
You can find more about Apple's iCloud Privacy policy at Apple Privacy Policy

Anonymous data shared with third-parties


We use Fabric for anonymous crash reporting and aggregated data about app usage. We share with them only anonymous data about things like wich feature is used, which screen is seen ... in order to get an understanding of how our users are using the app.
Their privacy policy can be found at:


We're using Admob to show Ads to the non-premium users of the app. Admob uses the standard and anonymous iOS advertising identifier. No other information is shared by us with them. Their privacy policy can be found at: