Main Features

All your ebooks synchronized on your devices automatically

The app will search all the compatible ebooks stored in your cloud account, get all the relevant information, complete it if necessary and sync it across all your devices linked to the same account

Beautifull detailed view of an ebook

Read your ebook summary in a beautifull view based on the cover art (which you can see in fullscreen to see all the details).
Choose if you want to stream your ebook or download it for offline availability.

Clean and elegant typography

Choose your font face, size, the line height and the justification of the text or margin size. Support for hyphenation and dynamic page numbers.

Import individual ebooks from other apps

Import ebooks from any "Document Provider" app installed on your device. This allows you to import from cloud provider not supported by the automatic sync feature or even from your NAS or own server.

Borrow ebooks from other users

Search for the ebook you want to read. If another user has it availalble, borrow it for free for one month with two taps.

Dark Mode

Choose between light or dark mode for the whole UI of the app.
Multiple visual themes are available for the reader to suit your tastes or the external conditions.

iPad Multi-Tasking Support

Compatible with Slide Over and Split View, the iOS 9+ iPad multitasking features. Universal app compatible with any device supporting iOS 8 or up, including iPad Pro. Support for keyboard shortcuts in the reader.

Read Aloud your Ebooks

Have your ebooks read aloud to you by your device. Uses the "text to speech" capabilities of iOS to narrate your ebook through the speaker of your device.

Filter your library any way you want

Free text search of your library.
Filter by author, serie, genre, language, download status, reading list status ...
Sort your library by title or author.

Integrated PDF reader

High quality PDF reader with bookmarks, printing and fast browsing between pages

Speed Reading

Train yourself to read faster with this new way of reading your ebooks: one word at a time ! Choose the right speed for you and breeze through the pages

Edit Metadata

Edit your ebooks information like title, author, description, genres, series, language. Includes an internet cover finder

Cover finder

If the cover of your ebook does not fit you, use the integrated cover finder to get the one you like.

Convert ebooks between file formats

Convert your ebooks in ePub, MOBI and PDF file formats and export them to any compatible app on your device.